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What is NUCPAAW?

National Union of Creative, Performing Artists and Allied Workers (NUCPAAW) is an umbrella organization for all Artists and their groups with a primary aim of protecting the rights of all stakeholders in the Arts Industry and act as a voice of Artists and their groups.

NUCPAAW bridges the gap between their leaders and government and all operations are guided by an act of parliament established by section 62(1&2) of the Labour Union Act No.7 of 2006 to undertake various functions among which is to serve as a supervisor and link between the Art Industry, the Government, National and International Organizations in all Artistic Mutual interests.

Formed in 2006, NUCPAAW is registered in accordance with Section 18 of the Labour Union Act No. 7 of 2006 on 29th day of December, 2006 and brings together all Art Industry and it affiliates to the National Organization of Trade Union which is a tripartite to the Government, the employers and workers.

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