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 Entertainment Journalist Association Uganda Usher In New Leaders

Entertainment Journalist Association Uganda Usher In New Leaders

Entertainment Journalists Association Uganda(EJAU) leaders swore in

On Friday the Entertainment Journalist Association Uganda leaders swore in at Emrald Hotel after holding elections, a few weeks ago.

During the swearing in, Herbert Kiwalynga also known as Habbie Kay, the newly elected president of the association, called for unity amongst all entertainment stakeholders in Uganda. He promised to wash away the bad image that has even been painted by unprofessional entertainment reporters and presenters.

“The need to have numbers has pushed us into putting out biased and unfair content. This has turnished our image that the public sees us as jokers. I hear the Uganda Communications Committee (UCC) wants to pull down some of our shows. I pledge to you that as an association we are going to work hand in hand with artists, entertainers, other stakeholders and the UCC to see that those shows can improve and stay on air…,”Herbert said.

In attendance was the chairman of the National Cultural Forum(NCF) Daniel Kazibwe also known as Ragga Dee, Dr. Innocent Nahabwe, the vice president of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and many others.

Dr. Nahabwe requested that some Journalists to go for some certificates to held them learn basics of news reporting. He promised that NAB will work in hand with the association to see that seminars are organized to held all Journalists learn the basics.

“I know that most of us here came into the entertainment sector without the needed documents. Some of us were even doing other things and we ended up here. So we don’t have enough Journalistic knowledge. We as NAB are going to work with you to see that some of you get educated and acquire the skills you need and then get simple certificates to present to the UCC in case it questions us….,”he promised.