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 Singer Catherine Kusasira Eyes East African Legislative Assembly Seat

Singer Catherine Kusasira Eyes East African Legislative Assembly Seat

Artists that keep on clinging to the yellow side seem to have strategized their own goals bigger than most of us expect. While those shouting “agende” at Sevo, stress out that these have no focus and are just parasites, they are yet to concur with the likes of Kusasira, who believe that it is a side worth clinging to.

Well, Catherine Kusasira’s glued attachment to the National Resistance Movement has built her into a more focused singer. Cut off those “nkola ya taxi” days where all she could think about was to either annoy fellow singer Sseruga, who appears to be her husband, she is now a ballot material.

A few days ago, the singer disclosed that she was planning to contest for the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) position, which she feels she is likely to scoop. Talking in an interview, she asked fellow musicians and other well wishers to vote her in so that she becomes the first musician to occupy such a big post.

“Let me call upon my fellow musicians and most especially those in parliament to support me because I need your support. This is because this is going to be the first time musicians will be represented in the East African parliament. So, I need your support, and please do including Bobi Wine. Please do…,” she said.

Many music and political analysts have been scoffing at her decision saying that she lacks “command in English” and therefore would not make a good regional legislator. The singer recently scoffed back at all her critics saying,”that was how they underestimated singers like Bobi Wine when they said they would contest.

Many artists and youth have since found a voice that has helped them penetrate into political circles. Now they are confident that they can take on challenges with big political figures and beat them up, hands down. Could this be an era for the youth?